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New Sooner Select livestock show trailers


EL RENO, Okla., (August 28, 2018) – Sooner Trailers’ premium features and stout construction are now available in its newest line of trailers – the Sooner Select. The Sooner Select is a premium selection of bumper pull and gooseneck low profile livestock show trailers that feature a standard height of 6’2”. 

The bumper pull version is available in lengths of 16 feet or 20 feet and can be constructed with either air gaps (Models 716A or 720A) or windows (716W or 720W). The gooseneck models include 7020A, 7020W, 7024A, 7024W, 8026A and 8026W, giving trailer buyers the options of 7 feet or 8 feet widths and 20, 24 and 26 feet lengths. While these are the standard model configurations, the Sooner Select is completely customizable with different heights, lengths and options. 

The Sooner Select is designed with an easy-to-use convertible pen system with six, eight or ten pens, depending on the length of the trailer. The Sooner Select features a 22” LED light strip that alternates every 2 pens on each side, allowing for more consistent lighting throughout the interior of the trailer. Other standard features include the Grab & Go pen latching system with easy-to-use knob pulls, rear-hinged side access door, LED lighting, polished aluminum exterior, aluminum wheels, Goodyear tires and more. The Sooner Select trailers also feature the Sooner 3-year/8-year limited warranty.

Sooner, a leading horse and livestock trailer manufacturer, is part of the family of brands offered by Universal Trailer Corporation. Universal was recognized this year as the #1 trailer manufacturer in unit sales for both the horse trailer and livestock trailer segments in 2017. Sooner offers a complete line of horse, livestock and living quarters trailers. For more information, contact Sooner Trailers at 877-553-9477 or visit their website at  

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